Looking for a home!

Found one! cheers for the offers guys
We'd be interested https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17624603329
Hit me up Castigo#2155 for a chat
Hey there man, both your rogue and your mage will be a good fit with us I believe.

From what you said, not all of us like to spam +m, although we have got some ppl who love that challenge, but the rest is what you explained.

Check our forum post for more info:

or add me for a chat.

Happy hunting my friend.
Hi feel free to give me a shout. My guild is a "home" for players that want to raid at a decent level but still maintain the fun factor. We have raided together for over 12 years so hopefully we have managed to make it a pleasant experience for all.

Im currently looking for a rogue for my mythic roster.

Hey mate, my guild is looking for some more ppl to continue through HC and move to mythic. We are 7/8HC atm, raiding tuesday and thursday 10pm-1am ST. We would love to get a rogue into the team. You can chat to me, Wraithglaive, Cropple in game for more info.

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