Holy Paladin 3v3

Hey guys, im just looking for some advice really. Ive been looking into the best secondary stats for holy and it seems to be a mix of haste and versatility. I was just wondering is there a soft cap for either that holy needs to have? Or is it personal preference? obviously haste is very sought after as it reduces the GCD and speeds your spells up etc so I though that would be your most wanted stat but I just cant pin point exactly what benefits us more.

Any and all advise is appreciated :)
Shouldnt you go for crit first? I guess there is a soft cap on crit to get holy shock procs?
You want as much crit as you can get your hands on so your holy shock crits more. Nothing else matters.
Indeed, crit is the single most important stat for Hpal.

Holy shock crit = infusion of light = Hpal healing
Holy shock non crit = RIP
Crit - Intellect - rest

You need holy shock to crit to get infusion of light procs which boost your healing.
Well, imo it becomes less clear what to get after crit. Imo for pvp it will be haste rather than versa bit I can imagine that this might change at depending on the rating you are playing at.

Not too knowledgsble, just my 2 cents
Have I just completely missed the point of a H pala? lol But I do agree with you, why do you need haste when the holy shock proc is more important. Ill have to do more research and consider my life choices :P
On a side note is crit for healers halved in pvp or is that just dps?

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