Elitism is recruiting

Who are we?

We are a group of friendly players that decided to band together and create a new guild. We have vast experience with raiding, and aim to clear all the content when and while it is current and to combine that with a good atmosphere, and fun environment.

Our raid days are Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, 19:00-23:00 realm time.

Ideal team composition we aim to achieve is 22 raid members and 8-10 back up members (social members)

Are there any requirements?

Generally, we try and follow these guidelines:

Be 21+

You don't need to be a top-tier player. We'll help you become one. All we ask for is that you strive to improve, don't be afraid to ask help, and be able to take criticism.

For raid members:

We'd like to see you join as many raids as possible. But we know that sometimes life just gets in the way. Try to communicate those beforehand.
As you are the one picking guild you should do so according to schedule you can and want to stick to. We ask for 90% attendance rate from our raid members.
Backup members are intended for people who can raid at our level but because of their life style (job/family/traveling) they cannot commit to specific time.
What we offer them? Spot in raids that will be done on highest level we can achieve. What we ask of them is that they are willing to sit out every time there are enough people with raider rank online

For daily chitchatting and voice communications we use Discord

Where do I sign up?

Contact Niruvius in game. If you can't find him, feel free to poke any member in the guild, and they will redirect you appropriately.

See you in game!

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