Saurfang vs Sylvanas horde poll only

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Virtually only Horde.

Since I love Drama and internal strife: Sylvanas it is.
Sylvanas all the way since this is a game where diplomatic pursuit of peace is not in my hands and this is not a political statement of real world opinions /coff /grin
Sylvanas. she loves nobody and love is the death of duty like ol maester aemon from GoT proclaimed.
Saurfang at present is no good for the horde. He is in prison for a start and he is pychlogically destroyed about stilll being alive. I feel the alliance need to be totallly wiped out.
Im happy to be a part of the forsaken crusade and for them reasons, I will follow sylvana to the end of the world. She should goto old nagrand and rez Garrosh. I would if I was her.
Sylvanas all the way. Vol'jin trusted his vision when he had it on his death throne, so I will trust it too, even though we don't know who sent it. Saurfang is living a personal drama that only makes me feel sorry for him.

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