Saurfang vs Sylvanas horde poll only

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As a proud Orc with a lot of hatred towards Alliance there is only one choice - Sylvanas.

Death to the traitor.
For the Forsaken! (Sylvanas)
Sylvanas. No one likes traitors!
Im a Star Wars fan and I dont really care about WoW`s lore, but I know Sylvanas. The other guy Saurfang, I never heard of him but when I googled him he is the guy from BfA trailer. As non-WoW fan, I prefer Sylvanas. She looks cool (not in sexual way). She had so much pain in her life and now she is a leader.
Sylvanas. Say no to MoP 2.0
Sylvanas. Begrudgingly.

When I first started playing this game Garrosh was Warchief. I was born in the Horde War Machine, I'll die in the Horde War Machine.

Thrall, Vol'jin, Saurfang, Baine. These characters don't represent the Horde I know. The first two are pathetic. The latter two are traitors and Alliance sympathisers.

For transparancy's sake, I play both factions to see the story. But I main and consider myself Horde. I don't care much for my Alliance alts.
I mean i like sylvanad because i get to be the bag guy, and thats always fun. But im gona say saurfang they sylvanas from not caring if she was evil or not to going out of her way to cause suffering.
Sylvanas ofc.
There is no honor in us, thanks god we will survive.
18/10/2018 13:10Posted by Xemeron
18/10/2018 12:37Posted by Valtharíen
Its depressing how many people support Sylvanas and scream "FOR THE HORDE"

You have to understand, Sylvanas is the edgy cool emo choise, and she has boobs.
If they replace her model with rotting undead with visible bones and spine similar to the female undeads i bet half of her fans or more will disappear!
18/10/2018 14:01Posted by Eranohay
Sylvanas! I don't want to kill a dark ranger, I've been a poser dark ranger for years.

I like both, representing different parts of the Horde. Why do I have to choose :(

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