Thought on Re-Opening The Merry Innkeeper?

Twisting Nether
Hey guys!

It's been what i can say a fantastic long while and now i am curious about after around 10 years what you guys think about the Merry Innkeeper opening again at the same location again,

The main reason why i am coming here and asking is because i have all the tools and time needed to jump back in the game but just with a tons more of IRL experience, Little did i know that i would actually end up becoming a professional bartender and waiter and now i just need to know if you all on the alliance side are up for it?

Let me know and from the feedback I'll get down to a decision!
(For those that don't know, The Merry Innkeeper was a hang-out place during Vanilla where raiders and adventurers could share a beer together in a slightly rp-enviroment without it getting out of hand and it reached incredible popularity until my real work got in the way, making itself one of the cornerstones of places within the alliance community inside Vanilla)

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