Legacy World Bosses fix

I'm currently trying to obtain a cloak that drops from Withered J'im. The drop chance is around 5% - 10% which would be fine if it weren't for the fact that I can get it only when Withered J'im is up. He is one of fifteen world bosses in Legion and they only spawn one at a time. That means every 15 week I have a 5% chance of getting the item. The odds are I won't get it before 2020. For rare mounts like Invincible this is an acceptable chance of getting the item but this is a cloak like any other.

In my opinion legacy World Bosses should either all spawn every week or should have 100% drop chance for an item. It really shouldn't be down to luck whether or not the items that fit to your set are less obtainable than Invincible.
Please fix this
For some reason Legion is considered a current content (look at the Legacy Loot).
It might be changed next expansion, so 2020. Have fun.

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