Top 3 Mounts!

What is your top 3 mounts?

My top 3 are:

1. Invincible
2. Big Love Rocket
3. Time-Lost Proto-Drake
I have 3 main categories and Im using my mounts to match my transmog.

1. Steelbound Devourer / Green Proto-Drake (When Im with my current green mog)

2. Mekgineer`s Chopper / The Dreadwake (When Im in yellow and blue mog + Captain`s Hat)

3. Armored Bloodwing / Prestigious War Steed / Sky Golem (When Im with black-scary mog)\

Top 3 which I like the most from my collection:
-Steelbound Devourer
-Sky Golem
-The Dreadwake (when Im in the water)
1. Invincible

2. Prestigious Bronze courier

3. Llothien prowler
1. Valarjar Stormwing
2. Vibrant Mana Ray
3. Corrupted Dreadwing
1. Headless horseman.

2. Thundering onyx cloud serpent.

3. Dreadwake mount.

So hard to pick!

I'll just say 3 I use most, instead of top 3, because 3 is so limited..

1: Solar Spirehawk
2: Son of Gallon's Saddle
3: Spawn of Galakras (Absolutely beautiful Proto Drake)
I usually use class mounts, cause of the unique mounting animation (and most of them are just cool). Other than that, azure waterstrider for waterwalking.
1. Paladin horse
2. Alablaster Hyena
3. Hippogrpyhs

I like small mounts /shrug
And who doesn’t love those sparkly ponies?
1. Groove warden. The curve moose from archimonde. So awsome!!!

2. Vicious warsaber. I don’t have it but I love it so much.

3. Dh classmount or any mount using that model

Honourable mention the llothien prowler is just awsome and all the hippgryph mounts have used the canarion expedition one for years.
Ps the waterstrider are so good
1, Void Talon
2, Thundering onyx cloud serpent.
3, Llothien prowler
My favorite villain/hero is Arthas.

So ever since i got Invincible i use it all the time.

One of few mounts also that has both walking and flying animations in place. :)
1. Demonic glad storm drake
2. Vicious war turtle
3. And good old level 20 black wolf.
1. Invincible
2. Ashes of Al'ar
3. Ironbound Proto-Drake
Orderhall class mount
Ashes of alar/ICC glory mount may be
1) Monk class mount
2) Imperial Quillen
1. Vicious Warsaber
2. Invincible
3. Long-Forgotten Hippogryph
1. Invincible
idc about other mounts
Not necessarily my favorites because I'm not done farming some of them but here's what I currently use and like the most :

1. Sandstone Drake
2. Shado-Pan Riding Tigers (blue and green)
3. Armored Frostwolf
1 - Manasaber.
2 - Water Strider
3 - Highland Stallion
1. White Vicious Warsaber (Upcoming Patch)
2. Aeonnax
3. Lucid Nightmare

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