Island rares instant drops

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Why don't the island rares drop loot when they die?
That way they 8500/9000 azerite kicks become useless, unless they kick you midfight with a rare (remove the kick, just be able to report for afk).
Also, when I would see a party member getting loot, it would feel more rewarding. I'd be happy for him/her.

I've been pretty lucky with my drops I think, but I notice lot's of players don't understand the loot system and get frustrated by it.
The last second kicks are not frequent. They are an occassional occurence that people who ocassionally do islands and happen to get kicked like that bloat to epic proportions.

I've now completed 379 island expeditions and during that time, I was kicked for BS reasons for only about 2-3 times. Those 379 were spread among different characters, leveling, end-game grinding, etc, so these were different types of situations.

The vote kick system is fine as it is. It's far better to get kicked 1 in 100 times by two trolls, than not have an option to kick someone who is afk or is just doing some weird stuff, to intentionally grief you.

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