Honor level 500 or higher

Defias Brotherhood / Ravenholdt et al.
Power Word Fabulous - Outland are recruiting like minded pvpers who want to do lots of ganking, we only ask one thing from applicants.

Be honor level 500 or higher, we do not allow bad players into the guild, so if you have a pathetic honor level like 200 or something, PLEASE DO NOT APPLY, we want skilled players only, if you have an honor level of 500 or more please contact one of our members in game.
We don’t accept Demon Hunters unless you can put down a large gold deposit that you may or may not get back. Please request the T&Cs before applying
Damn elitists :(
02/11/2018 01:13Posted by Slugtrail
Damn elitists :(

Contact tacto ingame and for a small price, you can also learn the tips and tricks to become a genuine honor master. After a short tutorial, you too can smash your way through enemy's in a bg while proudly displaying the ex prestige 21 icon.


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