Why is nobody talking about this?

Did you see the same thing I Saw?

I'm talking about the pictures of Z/KT forms.
While Z had all of them listed there KT is missing the Moonkin one.

Would this mean that they are remaking it?.
Probably due to backlash, but strange.

I bet they will show It with the KT totem models.
Awesome forum...
The moonkin form for the KT is already known.
They weren't in the base picture on blizzcon, because they had a joke where the form would fly through the frame using the chicken glyph animation.

You can google it, if you'd like - it's pretty damn cool.
I guess the joke flew over your head?

03/11/2018 19:38Posted by Deodara
Awesome forum...

With not so awesome trolls.

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