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13/11/2018 11:36Posted by Sylvare
I get how it's a very attractive tactics to put words in another persons mouth and combat those words you put in anothers mouth because hey you know to argue the words you put in my mouth but if you reread my text I didn't even mention the night warriors anywhere.

Your method of debate is imho reprehensible, I did not bother to read the rest because I fear that this one response is an indication for what is to follow, I hope I'm wrong.

If you want a "proper" argument then perhaps get off your high horse and put some actual work instead of responding only using 3 words.

If you are just going to put "In storytelling, yes." then don't expect me or anyone to know exactly what you are saying without making assumptions to what you mean by this. Nor should you complain about a response such as this, I don't know what you expected to get. Want me to read your mind?

But w/e it doesn't really bother me if you cba to continue. I know the Night Elf complaining is starting to go to far and becoming to common but there are still problems I want to see get resolved, mainly Undead Night Elves and there just seems to be no other alternative but to whine.
I actually think Alliance has more reason to feel faction pride than Horde does.

All the Alliance leaders are strong capable figures in their own right.
Anduin and Jaina showing immense power in the cinematics, and Malfurion who we know to be incredibly powerful finally showing his teeth.

Meanwhile the Horde consists of Sylvanas losing her mind and her lapdogs who disagree with her but are too weak and cowardly to act.
I'm somewhat embarrassed to log my Horde characters to say the least.

Looking back the only Horde leader I liked is Garrosh. "You will serve the Horde or be crushed beneath it." He was the strongest leader in every way.
I also preferred the older portrayal of the Forsaken and BE. As survivors and outcasts. BE bending the light to their will, not worshiping it etc.
13/11/2018 11:36Posted by Sylvare
That wasn't exactly well received either unfortionately, but I loved it. People were like "oh no we're horde collapsing in on eachother how will we ever recover from this" and now we're like what 3 expacs later and where is the horde? oh right, it still exists, that means that all of those people from back then were complaining about nothing.

No, they were complaining because the story beat shat on the Horde in ways it didn't need to be shat on, and really shouldn't have been, all things considered. The Horde haven't had a single "redemption" story arc with one of their major characters that I'm aware of - Garrosh would've been the first, and it's not like there weren't other players on the stage who could've worn the mantle of villain.

But no. Blizz wanted rid of Garrosh, and they decided the easiest way to do it was a face-heel turn instead of, like, a last-second realisation of what he was doing followed by a heroic sacrifice to save the Valley from the Paragons and Y'shaarj, who could've been perfectly good end-bosses instead of Garrosh.

SoO then set up Blizzard's first major "time travel" storyline, which, according to most comic book fans I know, is the point at which you know your favourite superhero has jumped the shark. It also set the stage for Horde to become the villains in yet another expansion - and quite probably get the floor wiped with them again by yet another Alliance king.

Like I said, just because a story leads somewhere, doesn't mean it leads anywhere good.

Granted that's a really simple way of putting it, but if the tables are turned, suggesting by what happened with the world tree, would the alliance not have responded the same to a stormwind raid as they did to the world tree burning down?

We have an answer for that, don't we? The Horde has raided Stormwind Stockades, set fire to half the city, and the Alliance response was... what, exactly? Was there one? Anduin had a little cry, Genn did his fanboy thing, Tyrande and Malfurion stood in their little annex alone... etc etc.

If you mean "a raid on Stormwind that wrecks it to the same extent as Darnassus is wrecked", the answer is simple - Blizzard would never write such a thing.

in all honesty, all we can do, is hope they won't do that. There is no guarantee for it, however to come into this war expansion and to say "hey man these acts of war don't feel right" is just, man, what do you want them to do? fill the expacs story with attempts at peace treaties?

I'm not saying that. I'm saying the entire Night Elf arc seems to have been half-assed from the beginning and I have no reason to assume they'll stop half-assing it when it comes to the denoument.

What that means, in my mind, is like I said - a toned-down version of Warhammer's Asrai (i.e. Wood Elves). We'll get all the sulking about lost glories, all the trespasser-baiting and teenage angsty disdain for the world outside "the forests", but none of the actual savagery or bloodthirstyness of Warhammer's "wild elves". Considering how unique and beautiful the Night Elves used to be, that just... it !@#$ing sucks, man.

What I believe (and what I for that reason assume) is that the night elves will have the tree back before the end of the expac.

... except it'll be an Ancient named Durthu and be wielding a big flaming sword which it'll use to cut down interlopers and will grant nearby Asrai'dorei units +6 Leadership when fighting against Beastm... erm, Tauren!

Sorry. I'll stop now.

Also, what is not exciting about this? the deeper you drown the harder you can make a comeback

True - but if you re-emerge from the water wearing crude "wild elf" facepaint, a teenage Bad Attitude (TM), and with none of what made you special intact, then what was the point of the fall? Moreover, given how little actual development Night Elves have had beyond "jobbing for everyone and losing all the time" what reason is there to have faith that Blizz will handle this in a satisfying and sensible way?
06/11/2018 21:41Posted by Taxania
Could it be that while the individual races of the Alliance are more appealing than the individual races of the Horde, the overall concept of the Horde as a faction is more appealing than the concept of the Alliance as a faction?

It does beg the question whether the faction approaches shoudl be vastly different, the alliance the one treated as individual races with largely their own autonomy and independence, while the horde more this diverse multi-cultural amalgmation that works quite well because orcs and blood elves, forsaken and tauren all mix together.

Which is why in a sense, playing the alliance as some united kingdom fails hard, but works like a charm on the horde. Each of the alliance races really has a lot of unique culture and independnce, from night elves, to dwarves, to humans, to draenei etc. whiles it is not that horde races don't have htier own distinctiveness, but they are smaller units of each race, and thus need to band togehter..

i mean
12/11/2018 21:02Posted by Durlan

Seriously that's what most night elf fan complains seems to be about.

I don't see what this message has to do with the topic of the thread, nor with my reply. I did not complain at all in this post, and honestly, I am one of those who'd rather stop playing WoW than play it and not enjoy it at all.

In my reply I just said what many people seem to think aswell, I did not go on about what I dislike in latest story, or story at all. You simply ignored that I said I do enjoy playing my NE characters, regardless of Blizzard's treatment of the race. You chose and highlighted one word... just take your ignorance away.

oh I am just clarifying what humiliating the night elves entails.
which is more interpretation from several hard core Night elf fans.

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