[A] Alacríty - Silvermoon 8/8 HC 3/8M - Recruiting!

Looking for Players – PvE
Who is Alacríty?

Alacríty is a newly established guild, comprising the majority of our old guild’s raid team. We raid 3 days a week (with 1 additional optional day to clear Heroic).

When Do You Raid?

We raid Thurs, Sun and Mon from 19:45 - 22:45 CET.

What is Your Goal?

We aim to clear mythic raids and obtain Cutting Edge in all future tiers, but not detracting from having a fun raiding environment; it’s a game after all!.

How Do You Deal With Loot?

We use ‘RC Loot Council’ to distribute any items which the receiving player doesn’t need.

What Are We Recruiting?

    Resto Shaman (able to play DPS OS).
    Priest (Shadow).

If your class isn’t listed above we’d still be interested to hear from anyone who regards themselves as a strong player, knowledgeable in their class!

What Do We Expect From You?
    High Attendance.
    Knowledge of the encounters.
    Be able to handle constructive criticism.

What You Can Expect From Us As A Guild
    A mature but fun environment to raid.
    A stable guild.
    Consistent progression.
    A social atmosphere on Discord, both in and out of raids.

If you’re interested in joining us or have any further questions then feel free to get in touch on Battle.net:


Or sent a application on:

bump, still recruiting :)
Still looking for more people.
We are still looking for Locks :)

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