Attero Dominatus BOOSTING ULDIR!

Attero Dominatus mythic raiding guild (5/8M) is boosting Uldir Heroic. Book your spot now and get your curve / gear!

FULL CLEAR - Uldir Heroic - 200k
This boost will be every boss in the instance on Heroic difficulty. Items that are not needed by raiders will be traded as well.

Only the last boss of the instance which will get you Ahead of the Curve.

All payments will be made with in-game gold on Silvermoon EU.

You can add Primex#2202 or whisper Lannys to book a spot or for more information!
Got spots available for 15th November 20:00
Got some spots left for thursday, full clear!
Contact me for FULL CLEAR spots tonight, going at 21.00 Server Time

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