Looking For 10v10 BG Team for Rated PvP

Hi all, my names Mahir, I and a paladin friend of mine are trying to get rank 1400+ in rated PvP so we can get that lovely hippo mount, we require a team to help with this and would enjoy the challenge that comes with the rank, we are hard workers and are willing to put in the time and effort it takes to achieve the rank required and beyond.

If you are willing to help us please content me via Battle Net Mahir#2313

I know it might be allot to ask, and truth be told I’m still learning how to PvP, or at least not suck too much.

Thank you in advance and please be nice!

Kind regards, Mahir
Just use the LFG tool and play. If you are asking for a 1500 team to play with you then you are asking for trouble because they are going to be worse than your average LFG cap group.

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