[H]Priest heals LF afternoon/late night Mythic/M+ guild

Looking for Players – PvE
ilvl 380, 8/8HC 2/8M Disc/Holy priest LF late afternoon/ late night guild/team for Mythic raiding or pushing 10+ keys. I prefer Disc but I'm willing to respec Holy for raids if required by the fight/ raid comp.

Available times (slightly flexible):
Mon-Thurs 14:00-18:00 ST
Fri-Sat 22:00-01:00 ST

I prefer to run Fri/Sat nights only, with maybe one additional weekday afternoon, but I'm open to discussing this schedule.

Prefer a guild on Draenor but would be willing to realm transfer if the guild and I are a good fit.

I started playing around the end of Legion. Not much Mythic experience yet in WoW but I have raided before in SWTOR (pre-4.0 Revanchist, 4/5 GftM) and FFXIV (4/4 Alexander Midas Savage), so I'm no stranger to progression raiding. Because of real life circumstances and schedules, I missed the start of Uldir Mythic prog, but now I'm looking for a guild to progress with in the rest of Uldir, and beyond that into the next raid.

I prefer to raid and have only been doing keys casually so far, but I would also be interested in pushing 10+ keys with a stable group instead, if I can't find a raid team given my odd schedule.

I can no longer play as much as I used to, but I remain no less hungry for progress and improvement. I try to come prepared to fights, and I'm always looking to improve my gameplay. I keep myself updated on my class through my class/spec Discord servers, and I'm open to fair and constructive criticism. I would like to be in a guild/ group with a similar attitude to mine: friendly and chill while striving to play at a solid level even on a casual schedule.

Contact me on Discord (Cas#9824) or on Battle.net (Cas#21615), or leave a post here :)
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