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Twisting Nether
Hi. We are currently building mythic+ community.

A problem many find when having to pug is the number of players that seem to have no knowledge of dungeon tactics, don’t listen and expect to be carried or leave if there is an accidental wipe on a boss or mob. Frustrating all round.
Those of us in the community get our 10-key done on mains with guild/RLF/or in-game mates however many also have alts and due to Real life you can’t always all meet at same time, then you begin the pug roulette. So hopefully we can circumvent this by growing this in-game community more.

Who can join?

Easy going focused players that enjoy exploring mythic + trying new things and can remain relaxed and chilled when it goes up in flames.

Players that are looking to do mythic+ with others that are relatively experienced and wanting to do any range of key’s on mains or alts, this is about demonstrating knowledge and having respect for your team. Doing your best and following tactics.

No need for raider io scores proof is in the pudding.
Be prepared to come on in-game chat or discord to at least listen. Makes life easier.

Able to understand English.

What we want from you

Good attitude.

Ready to try different tactics.

Have your pots, flask’s and food mainly if you’re doing higher keys. Method dungeon tools also helpful.

Community players here are expected to know the basic boss tactics and understand the Mobs and affixes’

Not wanted.

People that leave groups without group agreement. This will lead to ban from community nor do we want name calling or elitists.

This is not a carry community nor a teach you how to do mythic+ there’s other places for that.

Expect every run to end in a plus on the key.

What you get by joining the community is the guarantee you will be doing your mythic + with people who know what they’re doing to a reasonable standard.

Please speak to me in game if you’re interested Bobcat#2345
We have had a promising response to this. Two things came up

1. Yes this is a group of people that are competent players who like to get their weekly 10's done on mains and then see where they can get with alts. Casual players that enjoy mythic +. If that moves to an 11,12 then fine as we then get 10 keys in cache.

2. Its not a group of people that want to push push push keys. There are some that enjoy that I am sure however the group is about playing with players that will at least get a 10 done smoothly.

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