[A][Ravencrest][6/8M]2-day/week Guild LF Healer/rDPS

Looking for Players – PvE
Who are we?

We are 'The Lost Ones', a relatively new 2-day/week raiding guild consisting of a fun, mature and dedicated bunch of players, aspiring to be one of the very best 2-day raiding guilds on our server, a server of which is home to many of the best guilds in the world. As of such, we put heavy emphasis on efficiency and quality during our limited raiding schedule, all of which while taking part in a fun, competitive and focused raid environment.

Raid Days:
● Wednesday 19.00 - 22.00
● Monday 19.00 - 22.00
As most others, we too expect our raiders to be online and ready to go around 18.45 server time, in order to appropriately set up the desired composition on a boss-to-boss basis, and to start clearing trash as soon as possible.

What we are looking for:

We expect our raiders to be both able to and willing to communicate verbally in English during raids. Being able use constructive criticism to improve is a necessity, as we want to help our raiders reach their fullest potential. We always review our applicants on a case-to-case basis, but competitive logs and/or relevant raiding experiences from current/previous tiers gets you a long way. We encourage any exceptional player to apply, although the classes we are in dire need of are the following:

● A Restoration Druid/Shamam
● A Hunter
● A Mage

For recruitment inquiries or additional information, contact the following people:
● Iummune, Guild Master and Raid Leader, at Atmosphere#21890 (Btag)
● Buttshark, Community Officer, at Buttshark#21139 (Btag)
● Iloliemi, Healing Officer, at Haadek#2670 (Btag)

You may also apply through our website https://theones.enjin.com/
Update: We've got in a few new trials, but are still welcoming others. A Hunter in particular would be a game changer.

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