Make Prot warriors great again 8.1


I've been playing protection warrior since i started playing battle of azeroth, everything started good until i began getting closer to the raiding phase/higher M+ difficulties and to achieve anything as a prot warrior you have to do pretty much work on your own.
You usually have to create your own raid groups unless your overgeared or have higher achivements on another character. I had to create my own NM/HC groups cause nobody wanted to invite a prot warrior. I obviously get that aswell, why would anyone want to invite the worst tanking role in the game..

This is the first expansion i've actually been the hated class and i have to say it really sucks, It's not that easy to just change class cause i've invested alot of time in this character and i also enjoy playing prot warrior.

378ilvl - 8/8 NM, 8/8 HC, 2/8M, 5/5 exalted with everything, neck level: 29
All this could probably be done in a month but i've actually been struggling to reach all this. My /played this level is 21 days, 3 hours

Please share your thoughts on the current protection warrior, what do you wanna see in Patch 8.1, what do you think prot warriors need and do you think they'll make prot warriors great again?
I play restored druid.

Warriors do really high DPS for a tank, and they have nice mobility.

Hopefully if ignore pain moved off gcd, it will help with survivability.

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