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Looking for Players – PvE
Been trying general chat, been trying the find guild feature. But alas, I cannot find a simple social guild.

I am a returning player way back from wotlk, (tho I did play a few weeks in MoP)

Been getting really into this game again. Old guild is dead, guild leader quit wow.
So I am looking for a new one.

I am swedish, 26 years old. I work afternoons. Can play from 19:30 in the evening to as way past midnight if I feel like it.

As the title says I play on Khadgar, but I think the realm Bloodhoof is connected so I can join guilds there aswell.

I plan to level up a Warlock, DK tank and Shaman healer for late game dungeon and raid.
As a Norwegian, i hate to say this; There is always room for more Swedes in our guild..... lol
We are a fun guild, located on Dreanor. We raid Mondays and Wednesday from 20:00 to 23:00. We also have steady teams for Mythics.

Add me on WoW, and we'll have a chat!

Cya there!
Casually Professional

[H] Casually Professional on Draenor is a casual raiding Guild that does try to push for mythic each tier.

We're currently 5/8 Heroic and are mainly looking for raiders that want to raid on the weekend.

Raid days and times

Currently we raid progression Saturday and Sunday on 19:00 to 22:30 and Sundays normal/alt run from 14:00-16:30


Tanks : Full.
Healers : Full
Ranged DPS : Mage, Balance Druid, Warlock, Shadow Priest, Elemental Shaman, Monk.
Melee DPS : Warrior, Rogue, Paladin, Death Knight, Shaman.

Since we're a weekend raiding guild even some people can't always raid in weekends and are looking for more people to fill our ranks and reserves.

What we ask from you

We ask you to have the following addons ;
DBM or BigWigs, whatever you prefer.

At least level 20 Heart of Azeroth and 350 Item Level in progression raid.
At least level 16 Heart of Azeroth and 335 Item Level in Normal/Alt raid.

We expect everyone to have their own food/flask/runes,etc for the raids. Once we get later in the expansion these will be provided with Cauldrons and Feasts.

We expect our raiders to maintain a high attendance. Of course, real life comes first, and always throws unexpected curve-balls now and then, so we don't expect every raider to attend 100% of the time.


Guild Discord : Please come here and feel free to message any of the Officers or other members!

Guild master Discord : PwincessZoe#0006
Guild master Battle net : Zoeëy#2826
Other Contacts :
Battle net - Bremora#2890 - SoupKitchen#2955 - Karamu#11988
Discord - Bremora#1364 - Falcon#6603 - Miyos#7185
Maybe I should include that I won't transfer server :/

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