BFA is depressing me

So Today i did 4 Mythics Beating the timer on them all

Mage i did a +6 got a Hydrocore
Paladin I tanked Mother lode +3 i got a Hydrocore
Rogue i did Mother Lode +6 got a Hydrocore
Warrior I tanked Waycrest Manor + 3 Hydrocore

I dont need any Hydrocore so nothing for my efforts at all not a thing.

Im pretty sure this game decided that i wasnt getting loot today this is not RNG
it Blizzard is just blocking my progress.

The chances of that happening is about 1 in 400

The whole RNG lot system feels very much like them controlling your progress and skill and effort are meaningless now you have to be lucky as well which you have no control over.

Worst expansion yet so bad every day is another negative feed back loop invest time and effort get nothing feel depressed. Go on the forums post feed back in a ocean of negative feed back.

I dont want to gamble with my time like this any more im going to look for a new game where when i suceed i get a reward not a chance to roll the dice on one.
Rng is rigged loot Base system that keeps you playing .
But now and again it will give you decent loot .
This is main reason I've quit playing my sub runs out on the 3rd iam currently not playing and cba with a rigged casino style loot system no matter what I do pvp/dungeons/raids
Did write this ( ) ALL the way back in Legion when RNG problem truly started - Blizz simply don't want to make solution as it would admit they are wrong about RNG
Its pretty frustrating to spend 40 mins of time playing to get such loot.
I have 3 azerite piece items: 355head, 340chest and 340 shoulders. Guess what the RNG gods bestowed upon me? Another 355 head. To me it feels like RNG and loot chances are pre-determined for each character.
RNG need to be changed. Quickly. Is a very major issue. A little bit is ok (like WQ). But with special content like WF and Mythic shouldnt be used. AT ALL.
Maybe start doing your Keys in time for a higher Chance to get loot
This game become garbage gj blizz
The chances of that happening were 12.96%, not even close to 1 in 400, more like 1 in 8.

Secondly you fell for the Gambler's Fallacy, because you got nothing for 3 runs it was unlikely to get nothing again when it was still 40% on an on time run. You are essentially complaining you flipped a coin 3 times and got heads only(12.5%).
IMO titanforging should be removed, but high-end content should be made more accessible.

That way you have a smooth progression system that's fun and rewarding.
16/10/2018 08:09Posted by Evalyn
Its pretty frustrating to spend 40 mins of time playing to get such loot.

It's actually so rigged that you can predict the outcome most of the time .
Like giving loot in slots where you have better or same .
Or dropping in the wrong spec .
It's pathetic really blizzard should be ashamed of them self's .
It really is depressing when you don't get rewarded after playing a long painful annoying dungeon.
I haven't gotten a single piece of loot from the previous 6 mythic + dungeons i did, all of them were +4 to +7 difficulty. NO LOOT! I preformed well, avoided bad things, kept my dps high and died very rarely only to get absolutely nothing.

This wouldn't even be such a bad thing if only 1 or even 3 dungeons gave no loot but when over 6 mythic + dungeons have yielded 0 loot that's when it's starting to seem like Blizz is intentionally blocking our progress.

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