When Will new raid come out?

Is Therese any date yet?
Yes. When I finish the current tier.

So probably never.
BfA will follow Legion's pacing content, which is also very organic and feels somewhat good.

That's 77 days apart for a major patch. BfA launched on 18th August, that means 8.1 (just the patch) will launch somewhere in late October / early November.

That's just the patch. The new story / new mechanisms, etc.

But the raid comes later on, as it did in Legion. There's no reason for them to change it because a raid and all the new content would be too much for players to digest and Blizz' goal is to keep you subbed. Plus, there's A LOT of guilds that haven't cleared Uldir yet.

Given they won't release a raid during the holidays season (December), we can safely assume that it'll release sometime in January.

Sources: 152 IQ tested + I have a lot of money.
Well, they got alot of 6 month subs by bribing them with a mount, so I would say... in 5-6 month
No way siege of zuldazar is released in 2018 probably in January!

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