371ilvl warlock 8/8HC 1/8M LF guild (got one)

Twisting Nether
As the topic says i'm a 371ilvl lock with 8/8hc 1/8M exp atm, iam looking for a 2-3day raiding guild were people actually shows up for raids, and also got more then 2people average online each day for m+ and such, i recently rerolled warlock, my old main is a 372Fury warrior, also got a holypala alt that doesnt get played much, So to the thing of the whole post, iam looking for a active 2-3day raiding with an active environment.

if you got any further questions dont hesitate to add my btag "Youdiedlol#2125"
or let me know here where to apply! :)

My regards, BangerZ
Hello Bangerz,

I've send you a friend request over Battlenet we'd be interested in having a chat about you joining our ranks in <FriendlyAdventurePatrol>

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