BlizzCon 2018 Q&A Submission Thread

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It would be nice to have the survival hunter back to normal (range not melee)
Are there any Plans to restrict the further use of sites Like or WoW Progress with their Ranking systems? It seems to get a little out of hand lately.
Is there a possibility for the physical TCG to come back and do original TCG series reprints? Maybe with some kind of code inside booster packs to get cards inside HS to encourage sells even more?

Will Classic come with a physical Collector's Edition vanilla reprint (or an equal one)?
Can you describe the fiendish technical challenges that prevent core mage class ability blink from working reliably after 14 years?
Where is thrall during all this happening on battle for azeroth ?
We will see him on this expansion ?

We're using same talent tree since MoP, is there any change to new talent tree in the future ? So many people want to see old talent tree and old class design especially warlocks. Will you going to do something about it?
Some feel that LFR is too easy, but normal raids are too hard to get into, because there is no way to queue for them. Any middleground?
Why is there no learning curve in low tier content? All of it is guarateed success, rewarding quality gear that does not reflect its difficulty, from world quests and Warfronts to LFR. When players try to progress further they hit a very steep mountain - Normal Uldir and Mythic +, which is beyond anything they have ever done up to that point.
Can we get back the pre-Legion Weapon Customization things. For example: two one-handed for fury warrior, 2h weapon for enchacement shaman, frost dk. Maybe melee weapons for mm, bm hunter just for the transmogrification. (not needed abilites) I know players who farming weapons, but now can't use or transmog it. Good thing In an RPG if you can make your character.
Any chance to get the Metamorphosis back as Demonology warlock ?

I really miss this gameplay.
Do you feel that the price increase from Legion (£35) to BFA (£40) has been justified?
How do you guys feel about making the gear awarded from Mythic+ runs exclusive to Mythic+ (and separate from other PvE content), as well as the opportunity for every dungeon participant to bring ONE of a limited set of popular class skills (via the use of a scroll or similar)? Also, would you consider experimenting with other ways for people to fill up their weekly chest, through varying difficulty levels of other group content (say; a large number of completed battlegrounds, successful PvP island expeditions, or killing a (new) raid boss on higher dungeon difficulties)?

This might make Mythic+ just as fun for the hardcore enthusiasts, but less of an unbearable grinding obligation for everyone not playing one of the top Mythic+ classes or willing to invest the time and effort in playing loot casino for HOURS every week.

All of the above, said with love – enjoy your BlizzCon!
Any plans for WoW Languages?
why emotion /meow without sound ?
30/10/2018 15:27Posted by Zinika
Are there any plans on making a new challenge mode system? I think many of us wants a second chance on some good looking appearances as in MoP and WoD.

Yes, idd
- Where are the Zandalari/Kul Tirans? I feel kinda done with a great part of this xpac and I haven't had a single second with these characters yet.
- Where is the content outside of instances? (world quests are a chore and not fun content, they can enhance the real content but they can't BE the real content)
- Can you stop with the insane amount of RNG layers for gear and give a proper path of progression?
- Can we get more and interesting spells pls? Or at the very least some synergy.
- What do you plan to do to make the world feel like a world again, instead of instances of warcraft? (the world aesthetics + music are very inviting, but there's nothing to do out in the world itself apart from world quests and that gets old quickly).
All they'll waffle on about is more WM & PvP. Plus about 5-10 mins (if that!) of how they're going to introduce a single piece of (ultra, ultra-legendary) gear or (ultra, ultra-legendary)mount (but never mentioning it's going to be wrapped up in tons & tons of RNG layers).

Sometimes I wonder they bother having these Q&A sessions.
We haven't had a new Caverns of Time dungeon in a long time, can we have more of those?
The mythic plus affixes feels very much copy/pasted from Legion. In BFA a lot of the affixes/dungeon combinations feels very overwhelming. Any plans to make adjustments to make the difficulty feel more consistent?
Examples are sanguine in Tol Dagor and Waycrest Manor with its tight corridors and volcanic on the last boss in The Underrot?
As a tank in raids, the stamina buff from feasts is just not as good as agility/strenght. So we have to change to dps spec, eat and then respec back to tank. Is there a way we can set like a food spec like we do for loot spec?
Currently the Medallion of the Legion from Warlords of Draenor doesn't grant reputation with Wrynn's Vanguard and Spear of Vol'jin factions. Can you help us?

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