BlizzCon 2018 Q&A Submission Thread

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Certain class/race combos like Death Knight are restricted for lore reasons, but new races doing old content are always paradoxical.

Are there any plans to remove Titanforging and Warforging in the future? And if not, why insist on keeping these systems?
Right now the DK starting quest is stuck in a different timeline making it impossible for pandaren and allied races to become DKs. So my question is if there were any discussions about changing it, for example Bolvar creating the new DKs and open a possibility for allied races to become a new generation of deathknights.
Changes or "no changes" to Classic servers seems to be a big topic right now. Isn't "no changes" like intentionally creating a broken game?
This thread is now closed. Thank you for all the submissions, don't forget to tune in on the Virtual Ticket at 23:30 CET (22:30 GMT) tomorrow night to catch the Q&A live!

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