BlizzCon 2018 Q&A Submission Thread

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Can you make wands be moged to 1h swords/daggers?
Will we be seeing any allied races that aren't tied to a playable race already?

So for example we've Zandalari that are an offshoot of Trolls, so I'm wondering whether we'll see things like Arakkoa and Ogres added in the future.
Why does warforging exist? How are you going to make getting gear fun or relevant?
Any update on goblin and worgen ??

And are u going to fix leveling or do u keep going the greedy way, to make more money, by getting ppl to buy tokens instead of leveling.
With patch 7.3.5 u added scaling, which i think is great, but you made it much harder to lvl, with the heirloom nerf, i have seen green gear, with better stats than my heirloom gear, and with 8.0.1 it seems, like u killed leveling in dungeons aswell, cause now only get reward from doing a complete run (last boss) and the reward suck. Make it like it was before, or give double/triple the exp.
Where is the Enhancement shaman changes?
Will the legion artifacts for Druid feral/guardian be able to use more freely ie using the form without having to use fistweps like we had in legion?
Since the respons to moggable artifact weapons were that it would work just like in legion.
Can Sylvanas ressuruct the fallen San’layn and recruit them to the Horde is there a possibility that other living San’layn will retaliate against the Alliance for killing their kind?
When are we getting highelfs race for alliance and will they be able to play as Druid?
Can we expect any new layer of complexity added to the game with Azeroth Armor? Like in legion we had the legiondaries that changed how you played and added more dept and customisation to your play style. I don’t really care for the current system at all it just forces me to carry around a bunch of helmets cluttering my bags
Are you thinking about reverting the GCD changes that came with the expansion or are there any other plans to make classes feel as fluid as they used to?
Are there any plans to fix the cat forms wierd swollen paws or is this an intentional design that was chosen?
Hi :)
Do you consider enabling us to further customize our character? Such as bringing back resil as a pvp stat, Bringing back vendors for pvp and pve. It feels bad when players work so hard to get to where they are, and someone lucky might get ahead of them in terms of gear with no effort.
On that note, Have you considered bringing back old spells in ADDITION to the current spells? The latest changes on 8.1 look promising but honestly its not nearly enough.
Will there be different variants of the Moonkin Form added for druids?
Is Classic going to be progressive in terms of content, or will come out with everything open?

Also, what will happen once naxxramas gets cleared by people? Will it switch to TBC, or rather go completely different direction?
You have seen the feedback regarding pruning of all classes over the last few expansions.
What are your thoughts going forward on this? Any plans to give us mechanically rich characters back?
I'm playing fire mage, and I've noticed that trolls are far far ahead of the rest races. They occupied tops of the logs, they can get 5 stacks of blaster master (literally 1410 mastery boost that can get only trolls), they have like 300-400 more dps in simulationcraft than other races... What do Blizzard think of it?
Could you please give us a clear answer about the state of Worgen/Goblin model updates? Its an issue that Blizzard keeps flipflopping on and as a player of those races its getting a little tiresome to be stuck in this limbo.
1. Are there any plans to improve the UI such that many of the "common" frames would be movable like actionbars, micromenu, minimap, objective tracker, etc..?

2. Are there any plans to improve the UI for battlegrounds? like adding timers?

3. Are there any plans to improve the minimap POIs and gathering icons so it would be possible to distinguish between mining nodes, herbs and fishing schools, etc...?

4. Can we have an option to hide the dialogs and cutscenes we have seen before please?
Will the Classic servers be progressive, so that once the content cycle has been completed the server will move onto The Burning Crusade and if Yes will there still be any Classic/1.13 servers around for those who still want to experience Classic WoW at that time?
Are server mergers still a thing that are planned in the near future?

They were mentioned less Blizzcon, and in a Q&A, but we've not seen any yet.

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