Fist Weapons - transmog into other one handed weapons?

ok, the title says it all.

And why not? I mean, hunters can transmog a gun into a bow ! A gun is entirely different than a bow, but it can be done. (animations for a gun and bow are not the same, so that can't be it).
So, why not a fist weapon into a 1H sword or something ?
Also, some fist weapons are visible when sheethed on the back, but tbh it looks kind of strange when looking at it.

Or an alternative would be to sheethe a fist weapon on the sides and NOT on the back or have a choice on either sheething it on the back or on the sides like most other 1h weapons.

Or better yet, and please think about it ! .. What about you have an option at a vendor to swap a fist weapon for a 1h weapon (keeping the exact same stats, ilvl, etcetera) ?
That would be awesome, if you could just trade or swap a fist weapon for something you would prefer, like an 1h axe or sword.
Agree with that.

This has been quite frustrating on my DH for quite some time. Now I'm happy as I have two warglaives but i fear the moment I'll loot a better fist weapon again.

I would really like to understand the logic behind that because on one hand there is a distinction between 1h melee weapons, and on the other you have something as dumb as being able to use staff appearance on 2 handers.
Totally agree!

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