[feral PvP] When to pop CDs & overall things

Hey there,

just hit 120 and queued some 2s. Did surprisingly well, but I was wondering, when it's the best time to pull incarn. Get a good opener with bash heal and dps healer and get bleeds up on both and incarn then? Or pop it directly? Or wait for the first deff cds?
Would appreciate some game tactics like opener, when to single target, when to spread.
Is it prio to keep rip up, so 1 cp rip over everything when it's about to end?

What i like to do is try to get enough pressure to force out the big defensive cds like bubble, darkness and so on and then pop incarn and its most likely a kill if you dont mess up completely. Sometimes if the other team is good or just has a good comp i need a incarn to force out the cds and have to survive the 3 mins to get it back up.

I try to time my bash with my incarn aswell so when i pop incarn i bash the healer and your healer can fear (or whatever cc you have) out of that. Most important thing is to get that rip with bloodtalons in the opener and just refresh it with bites.

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