A view on the game, concerns and suggestions

After playing the expansion for 3 months now I feel the game has become very lackluster. I know there are a lot of topics lately about how Battle for Azeroth has deteriorate the game, however this thread is not only about changes
made in Battle for Azeroth. It's about how the game went more and more in a different direction and the magic that made me fall in love with this game slowly but steadily faded away.
After hours of thinking I wrote down my main concerns about the game. It's a perspective that I know I share with a lot of people and hopefully it will give a good insight.

First I want to emphasize the difference between a core system and it's implementation. It's not because I find a system bad it has to be removed, it can just be poorly implemented and that is what I want to talk about.
Suggestions are up for debate ofcourse. If I put up a number in suggestions that is estimation, what matters is the concept.

1. Gear with talents on it
Gear that has a talent on them besides stats has been in the game forever in the form of tier sets and in the previous expansion legendaries have been added to that (+ artifact weapon). This expansion it exists in the form of azerite gear. This core system is something people like. It's always been exciting to go for a piece of gear that will make you stronger because it doesn't only give you stats but that extra talent on it will alter how you use your abilities and make them stronger. The problem now in battle for azeroth is the implementation of it. It exists in the form of azerite gear. With the additions of vendors in 8.1 the way you acquire them is not based on rng anymore which is good. The concerns I still have with azerite gear is how your azerite necklace works with it and the talents itself. If you get an ilvl upgrade on an azerite piece the lvl of your necklace needs to be higher to unlock the rings on it. So you got this azerite piece which should be an upgrade but instead of giving it you 3 talents it can only give you 1 talent. This feels very unrewarding. I know in 8.1 azerite gear will get a 4th ring and this will diminish this concern but the core part of it will still exist. Lastly the talents itself are not to be excited about, legendaries in legion were far better because you only had 2 of them but they were impactful and altered your abilities. The problem with them was that they were called 'legendaries' and the way you acquired them (so in other words: the implementation). Now in 8.0 if you have unlocked 3 rings on your head, shoulders and chest you have 15 talents. But none of them feel exciting or alter the way you use your abilities.

Don't reduce the amount of talents you can choose from based on the ilvl on the gear. The higher your artifact power is the more options you should have no matter the ilvl of the piece. I would do this by making azerite gear spec-based, when your in a certain spec, the talents on that azerite piece should all be for that spec and dependent on your necklace lvl you should have more options to choose from. In that way you start with only having one option on your outer ring and the higher you get your necklace lvl the more you can choose from, at a certain point your necklace lvl is high enough to unlock the 2nd ring. Again you start with one option from your 2nd ring and then get more options if you advance your necklace. This would work better if all rings have equal amount of talents to choose from, that way you get to a similar system to the pvp talent system in Legion where you work your way up to get more choices in pvp talents. I know this would still not be perfect but because I know the system is not going to be overhauled mid-expansion I'm just suggesting improvements. For the talents itself, that requires creative thinking and belongs more in the 'class design philosophy'. The most important thing is that you have different talents for different situations that feel impactful.

2. Gearing
The core system that always has existed in World of Warcraft is that you kill a boss in a dungeon or a raid and it drops gear pieces or 'phat lewts'. Since legion they implemented titanforging (there was already warforging since Throne of Thunder in Mists of Pandaria) which gives you a chance on your gear being higher ilvl. I do not like this implementation, I know a lot of people feel the same but gear never feels rewarding anymore. Having the specific gear pieces you want from a raid is not that hard (even with personal loot), the problem is that people never feel satisfied with the gear they've been able to get. Let me explain further what I mean: if you get a piece of gear and it didn't titanforge it doesn't feel great because it could have been better, if it did titanforge you feel excited for a very short time but that fades away very quickly, why? because you got a very good piece of gear based on luck and you can fool yourself how much you want but it does not feel satisfying to get your best piece of gear based on luck. Being satisfied with your gear comes from accomplishing something you worked towards, something you put effort into and that is something I miss so much in this game today.

Remove titanforging and warforging, if you want to reward players for doing the raid multiple times after they got thier gear I think the valor point system is much better. I would however give valor from content that is ment for you. If your full raid geared and you need to do a heroic dungeon to get valor that feels weird, something to counter this is the amount of valor you need scales with the ilvl and easy content gives way less then harder content. So in order to upgrade for example a piece of gear from heroic uldir you would have to reclear heroic uldir once or reclear normal uldir a couple of times or kill 2 bosses on mythic. So to recapitulate, let bosses drop the base ilvl gear like it was before Throne of Thunder, that way there is a reason for you to go do more challenging content.

3. Mythic+ dungeons
This is something players like, I've heard this from numerous people. Doing a dungeon within a time limit and then it gets higher in difficulty every time sounds really exciting and cool but the way it is implemented at the moment is very poor. Each person is given a keystone for a random dungeon, but what if that person does not want to do that dungeon? You can't target your key for a certain dungeon because each time you complete it, it just gives a random dungeon again. Only the level is determined. I would love it if I had multiple chance of doing my keystone in time so I can 'progress' on it and when I finally make it in time get my loot chest. You have to assemble your own group to do them which is good, but the main problem I have with the system are the rewards, the only reason to a dungeon beyond lvl 10 is the 20% increase per level to get an extra piece of gear but this feels really lackluster. One last thing is the weekly mythic+ chest which is based on your highest key done, this is in my opinion really bad. You give people a random up to 380 piece (or 385 azerite piece) once a week, I know from a lot of players the weekly chest does more bad then good. Again it is based on rng, you don't feel satisfied for it and if it's a piece that isn't even an upgrade you feel like that week was just wasted. I know there is an implementation of bad luck protection so you would most likely (or with certainty, not sure) get an other piece of loot then you had last week. It remains the same thing, if the wrong piece was in the chest that week it just feels wasted, people want to know where and how they can get the gear they want. Now that doesn't imply you well get it faster, but i'll talk more about that later.

Let people decide for their own which dungeon they want to do, you could for example give each player a keystone for every dungeon and players can choose for themselves what keystone they want to upgrade and see how far they can push it (just to clarify, you could have your keystone levels be displayed on the mythic+ screen and not have 10 keys taking up your bag space). For the rewards I would not only give gear and artifact power but cosmetics and mounts, I would feel really excited if for example you get a special transmog set if you complete every dungeon on a 15. I know this would be very hard and maybe I won't ever get it but I would put effort and time into it. I remember when I got my warrior set from the Mists of Pandara challenge mode dungeons, that is still one of the best memories I have. It didn't involve any rng, you had to form your own group and you had to put effort into it, but you knew that when you completed that last dungeon in time you would get that epic looking transmog set. In the dungeons of battle for azeroth their are 3 mounts that drop, I for example got the parrot mount from freehold but I'd rather see that as a guarantee drop in for example a +17. If I saw someone with that mount I would be very impressed and try to get it as well, but now it's just given to me randomly and it doesn't feel exciting at all. For the gearing part: I would give gear from mythic+ dungeons up to mythic raid gear level but at higher keystone levels. Now a +10 gives 370 ivl which is the same as heroic Uldir, I would let the gear rewards scale up to +15 at which point it would drop 385ilvl. Many people say that the best gear should drop from the mythic raid but if you make it so that keystone levels at +15 are very hard (which is the case now in 8.0) I see no mistake in given those people those gear pieces, because they put a lot of effort in it to get that key so high and complete it afterwards.
The weekly chest should just be removed.

4. Islands
I'll be very straight forward here, I think this system just doesn't belong in the game. It's not about the implementation, the system as a whole is just pointless. You get dropped with 2 other people on a random island, and you kill some random mobs. You have no idea why you are there or why you have to kill those mobs, it doesn't feel as a part of the world at all. I'm not going to talk about the rewards because that is implementation, however I do want to mention the following: islands were meant to farm artifact power, but I think it's really odd to implement a whole new system just for that. Let artifact power drop from dungeons and quests. When you level normal every quest gives you experience, every dungeon you complete gives you experience. Why not just do the same for artifact power, every world quest gives you artifact power (some of them give gear, gold, materials ... on top of it). It's not needed to invent this whole new system for artifact power, give artifact power for doing things in the world like you get expericence from doing things.

5. Warfronts
In contrary to islands warfronts feel like a part of the world and you feel like your doing something for your faction, I think the implementation of it is just off. The main concerns I had with them are being adressed after seeing the blizzcon announcements so we will see. This RTS implementation is something new and I feel like there is potential for it in an mmorpg but at the moment it's just a guaranteed win just like in looking for raid. This gets me to something why I fell in love with this game and it's the feeling of accomplishment, you can not feel a sense of accomplishment without failing first. If rewards are given to you by doing 'faceroll' content nothing has meaning in what you do. It's not about the reward itself, it's about what it takes to get it. If you defeat a boss and you instantly kill it without wiping that will never feel good. That's why so many people hate on looking for raid, because you get rewards that don't mean anything, people still do it but it's not because they do it that they like it.

6. Content
Since legion came out I think we had a very good amount of content at a decent pace but it's not about the amount of content I have a problem with it's about the rate at which you consume it. Every expansion the rate at which you consume
content has been faster and faster, this is due to things like dungeon finder, looking for raid, flying and your power in comparison to the world in general (there are more things but those are the main things). This is why so many people try every expansion and quit after a month because they've seen all the content. Leveling to max level takes 1 or 2 days (depending if you play alot) so if you look that into perspective of an expansion lasting 2 years we can assume the leveling part is not even part of the content anymore (and it hasn't been ever in an expansion). I know things like lfr, flying etc. are things that are once introduced into the game at a certain point in time and now that they are in the game you can't just get rid of it like that (see flying in Warlords of Draenor). Many players don't known anything else because they started after that point in time and because of that don't want to lose it. I think the introduction of the pathfinder achievement to unlock flying is a good way to find a middleground but I urge developpers to be bold and get rid of instant queu buttons and 'faceroll' content because it's against the nature of an mmorpg. I know a lot of people would complain about the fact that they don't have time enough or it's to hard to find people to play with. Let's be honest if your only able to play let's say 30min on average a day you have to acknowledge the fact that that person is just not going to see all the content, there is nothing wrong with that, that is just the nature of an mmorpg: it takes time. The biggest concern I have however is how powerful players are in comparison to what content they do, if you just got 120 in battle for azeroth you can farm so many heroic dungeons at such a quick rate that your gearing ridiculously fast. Mythic dungeons same thing. The time it takes between getting to max level and being geared enough to step into a raid (normal or higher) should in my opinion be at least a month(talking about casual players cause that is to my estimation 90%+ of the player population at the start of an expansion), for players that don't play a lot it should even take 2 months. But due to instant queing and content being way to easy for your gear people just consume it in a couple of days. With releasing the raid only a couple weeks after release normal uldir already felt like faceroll because again you can farm so many dungeons at such a fast rate (and because of titanforging as well). Outside of dungeons this is the case as well, doing normal quest or world quest gives no challenge at all, mobs fall over like flies and your basicly mindlessly farming. The only content where I see that people are forced to use CC and other abilities that define a class is mythic+10 dungeons because of infested, here you can't just aoe everything down, this makes the dungeon feel more dangerous. I would like to see this in the open world as well: make the world feel more dangerous. There is nothing that draws a player as much as content that is hard to get to. This will attract way more people cause only then you get a true feeling of accomplishment.

I'm not going to talk about classes, abilities, utility... but I think the reddit posts about every spec are very good feedback. It's very well written and to the point and for my class I agree on every point they make.
Their are many other things I could talk about like professions or the fact that there are 4 different difficulties for the same raid but this thread is already long enough.

I played this game for years now and I don't want to quit the game just like that because it's in a bad state. This game taught me so much even for things in real life, the memories and friends are a part of what keeps me going.
That's why I made this thread and I really hope it leads to something good.
Yet another refreshing thread.

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