29 Twink PVP (BG and arena) guild recruiting.

Guild name: TwoShot
Realm: Outland EU
Faction: Horde

TwoShot is a level 29 Twink guild for horde players alike, we are recruiting any and all players for the 20-29 bracket and will try to help the newer players in this bracket. We will be running daily premade Bg's aswell as dungeon runs to farm gear to ensure that our guild members have the biggest advantage. We are aiming to become the biggest 29 twink guild on the server, and eventually on EU. We are slowly filling our guildbank with consumables for players to increase the skillgap in the 20-29 bracket pvp.

○ We are an Horde based guild on the server Outland.
○ We will be running daily premade Bg's to farm honor and gear from lootboxes.
○ Help and support will be avaliable to both new and experienced players via dungeons and consumables.
○ Players with both experience in the 20-29 bracket and players without expereince are welcome.
○ We have high levels in the guild that can help with dungeon boosting, and the northerend frag belt enchant.

*If you are interested in joining our guild, or just interested in doing some battlegrounds/arena's in this bracket, please contact me on Battle.net. I will be checking these constantly and hope to see you all soon!

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