Mythic Raiding 2x a week and Great Progression!

Emerald Dream / Terenas
Exiles is looking for more healers (and some dps possibly) for mythic progression!

We are looking for healers to join our strong healing team specifically;

Resto Shaman

and / or

Priest (Holy/Disc),

We will consider a Mistweaver Monk or a Holy Paladin, but cannot currently take druids on trial.

We are an English speaking guild on Emerald Dream-Terenas that has been around for 13+ years.

We have a pleasant, open atmosphere that many are surprised by when they first join, and stay because they enjoy it.

Things we consider very important:

a) Good positive attitude
b) Willingness to work together as a healing team (following AAs and calls for CDs)
c) Transmog, don't show up to the raid in mismatched gear (this is an example of humour, that we use a lot :D)

Things we consider important:

a) Some mythic experience, or at least a willingness to experience mythic, and to have a mature outlook on 'wipe nights'.
(Even if you only poked mythic back in Legion - that at least means you have an understanding of the technicalities of progress)

b) Have a 'can-do' attitude.
(Be willing to contribute to the guild bank when we need herbs/fish etc so that we can provide raid feasts. A small contribution from many - allows us to provide better perks for everyone).

c) Focus. (We only progress raid 2x a week, so attendance is important. We understand IRL is a thing, and we run a large enough roster to ensure that raids continue when people are away, but please be willing to show commitment and show up on time so that we can continue our good progression).

Things we do not consider important at all:

a) High HPS logs (being a team player is more important)
b) People who only login to raid - we are a great community! We have many fun social raids and other activities, so please feel free to join in as much as you like. (Examples: we have social raids, mythic plus running almost all the time, lowbie-heritage armor groups on weekends etc)

Our members age range is 22 to 40+ with some having played since Vanilla and others having joined the game as recently as Cataclysm and beyond, you'll soon find out who's played since Vanilla, since they'd be happy to tell you.

Who are we?

We are a mixture of Dutch, Swedish, Danish, English, Finnish, Belgian, Swiss and there's even a German who refuses to play on German servers, because reasons. Occasionally he can be persuaded to call out raid warnings in German, which results in much hilarity...especially on Kingaroth...LASERSTRAHL! ACHTUNG!

We use English to communicate, because the English are lazy and most only know one language - and that's about as harsh a joke as you will hear on our voice comms, for which we use Discord.

Healers with sufficient gear (Heroic Uldir) are welcome to contact me for more info regarding a trial, or if you are just returning to the game, and are intending to raid, but would like to join somewhere with kind, non-elitist members (ok, so we have one elitist, but don't mind him, he's harmless), as a social, please contact me as well. Socials are very much an active part of our guild, and not 2nd class citizens as you see in many other guilds.

Trials last 2-3 weeks tops, and if you aren't cut out for Mythic raiding, you are always more than welcome to stay on a social basis and join Mythic +, and work on your skills & alts. Our players are happy to help with advice for people who are unsure of the current meta builds etc.

Raids are as follows:

Thursday: 20h00 (CET) - 23h00 (CET) | (19h00-22h00 GMT) Mythic Progress Raiding
Sunday: 20h00 (CET) - 23h00 (CET) (19h00-22h00 GMT) Mythic Progress Raiding

Wednesday: 20h30-23h00 (CET) | (19h30-22h00 GMT) Raiders Heroic Clear (optional)
Saturday: 20h00-23h00 (CET) | (19h00-22h00 GMT) Social Run/Geared Alts (optional - always an awesome laugh)

Our current progress is 5/8 Uldir Mythic, Current Server Rank 2nd.
We are currently the only Top 3 Guild on the server that only raids 2x a week.

What is in it for you?

We provide raid feasts, flask cauldrons and are able to help with enchants and gems where needed, all we ask in return is that you are a reliable adult (21+) who enjoys raiding, and isn't a megalomanical loot ho.

(We use RCLootcouncil and loot is distributed fairly - Loot council members are rotated weekly to ensure fairness.) To date, I have yet to witness an argument over loot - clearly our system works well and everyone benefits.

To see more of our guild's activity, please visit our website ( and either use the contact page there, or add me in-game if you would like further information about the guild. Artenesse#2124 You can also type /who Exiles if you are on ED-Terenas, and ask if there is an officer online.

Come and join us!
Updated Recruitment Needs!

Healers: Holy/Disc Priest, Holy Paladin & Resto Shaman
Melee DPS: Warrior or Death Knight
Ranged caster: Mage, Warlock or Spriest

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