M+, stonebark vs. Spring blossoms

In my head, Spring Blossoms seems better.

But, I run stonebark 80% of the time.

I know on a lot of packs, 2-3 players will always be in the efflorescence. But, very rarely much of anyone on a boss fight--where I would want the spread buff.

Stonebark, I virtually use on cooldown, and it seems good.

What do you guys use??
I was struggling with this too.

I think if you look at it through pure output and effective healing capacity then spring blossoms is far better. If you are above 10% mastery, lets say 12% that is 12% extra healing on demand for anyone in efflo. However SB still has a cooldown(even though short), you don't get as much healing out of it. Plus you still get the hot itself to help make up the rest that stone bark offers.
I guess with hard decisions, there are more than one possible right answers.

As I get more familiar with the dungeons, I use ironbark less often. But, 45 sec cooldown is very nice--feels like its always up.

Will try Spring Blossoms some more later. I guess with a good tank SB is better, with a bad one rather have stonebark. Too bad I can't know that in advance.
Used Spring Blossoms a lot lately.

Seems OK.

Probably can use either one without major issue.

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