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As an officer of Deathsworn Verdict I'm trying to keep an old guild together with many RL friends in it.
Recently, following the new xpac drop off of players, we have been struggling to get a regular raid together, we get 7-10 regulars each raid night and a random selection of others if they are about and online to raid. We haven't struggled to recruit, just can't get the players to commit to raiding.
We currently have raid times Weds and Thurs 2030hrs (Game time) to 2300hrs, and as I said same 7-10 ppl log in for them, without any idea if we're going to have to cancel or not, PUG what's missing etc.
The people that log on for raids I've raided with for a long time, we used to raid Mythic and cleared all content, so all can and do play to a good high standard.
Our guild went to casual part way through Legion, with the intention of clearing all current HC content in a relaxed raid environment with 2 nights a week raiding which we did comfortably. Most are happy with just HC, some would like to go Mythic as well.

Rather than a Guild merge, which never seems to end well, I was looking and wondering if there is another guild out there that would consider trying a raiding partnership, initially to clear HC and have that on farm, and then the guildies from DSV who wanted and were capable could do Mythic within this partnership.
Raid nights could be changed if required and fit in with our members.

If you're interested, in a similar position please contact me in game for a chat.


Forgot to say despite our lack of raids 8/8 N 4/8 HC and not had the chance to try beyond that as a guild raid.
Thanks to those who contacted me in game and those who I didn't have time to, as I was busy with an early offer we had with a guild with similar progress to us and seemed to be of the same mindset too.

We are now working with Shorty guild to progress through Uldir, this has worked really well with the first 2 raids clearing 7/8 HC and Ghuun to P3 while getting used to slight changes in tactics and keeping both guild identities. Zul was one shot and Mythrax 2 shot.

I'd strongly recommend this as a way forward to any guild that's struggling for numbers, and I've listed the pros and cons I've found so far by doing this.

Loot system (whether you think is good or bad) has no impact on one guild over the other, there can be no allegations of favoritism towards either guild raiders with loot council etc. Trading unwanted loot has been done on rolls just as LFR does, loot trades benefit the raid anyway.
The community system helps greatly with this as we can chat across guilds by inviting across each community.
Raids seem better attuned to numbers around 20+, our first raid was 34+ ppl (took me back to Molten Core :P, no potato computers pls)
You get to raid and stay in that close community you may have been in for years with RL friends while making new ones without having to effectively close down a longstanding guild and the emotions that go with that.
More ppl online at any one time to do M+, instances etc. with.

In game calendar as bugged as anything, when I can see it, so as a moderator on Shorty Guild invites I cannot add my guilds players, only the creator can. So we're currently having to do invites on the calendar in each guild and when forming I get assist and sort our raiders invites out, as a work around. Only other option is for their raid calendar creator to add each one manually, something we'll probably get around to in time.

Other than that I'd say so far so good, it's been a big success and worth looking into as an option to keep another guild from disappearing.

If anyone wants to chat in game about how we've achieved this in more detail, chuck me a wisp and I'll happily discuss in more detail.

Thanks Blizz for the community changes, it's helped many of us stay together rather than look for new homes and still raid as we want without PUG'n.
hi Dafee,

well put m8, it seems to be working very well.

The raid, being able to be so flexible is a missive plus, and agree with the stupid calendar.

I will work on getting everyone added over the weekend.

Likewise to what dafee said, anyone needs any information feel free to /w either of us.

Great guys btw, its nice to find a like minded guild.

Hey, your story is interesting and i'd like to take you up on the offer of finding out how you managed to achieve this, i've sent you a bnet request and hopefully i can find out some info if you dont mind, i think my guild could be in a similar position and i could use some advice :)

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