[A] Herald of the titans

Quests & Achievements
Few days ago I've started to poke around people around "Herald of the titans" achiev. This is what I've came up:

Tanks :
Prot war (Tank)
Monk Heal/Tank (Heal / Tank) [or Mage Arc / Fire (DPS)]

Healers :
Mistweaver (Healer)
Druid Resto (Heal)
Druid Resto (Heal)

Demo lock (DPS)
Arc mage (DPS, me)
UH dk (DPS)
Arms War (DPS)
Mage ??? (DPS)

There are 2 more people from me who need to declare theirs roles (they're not in roles above). If you'd like to join - leave info of class + spec + tag.

PS Date was not yet decided (up to people).
Restoration Shaman - Nikow#21699

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