[A] Grey Logs - 8/8 HC 2/8 M - Looking for a few more

Grey Logs is a newly formed heroic raiding guild but our core is everything but new. We only raid two days a week. Enjoying the content as we go, we don't race against other guilds and just want to kill bosses while having a good time and occasionally (thank you blizz ) getting some items.

Raiding times
Raid nights: Thursday and Sunday
Raid times: 20:00 - 23:00 Server Time
Raid invites starting at 19:45 Server Time
Social/Alt raid (not mandatory) on Wednesday

What we require
- 18+ age
- Attendance: we require 75% raid attendance from raiders.
- We expect raiders to keep us informed if they can't attend a raid.
- Knowledge of your class and spec but also being open to constructive feedback
- Willingness to use discord and a working microphone
- 350 ilvl

What we offer
- Experienced players leading raids, ready to help with your class and tactics
- Friendly and fun atmosphere during raids and everyday activities
- People to do Mythic+ runs with
- Consumables and repairs during raids

Classes/specs we need:
We are specifically seeking the following Classes&Specs
Monk - Windwalker
Warlock - Affliction/Destruction
All Healers considered

We are also looking for players with a tank offspec.

Exceptional applications considered whatever Class/Spec.

- Socials are also welcome!

Riljrak#21543 (GM)
Baal#22931 (Officer)
Xanndros#2751 (Recruitment officer)

For more info!
G'huun deaded and we're still looking for some awesome people!
Hey guys,

my self and my friend are looking for mature friendly social raiding guild, raiding twice or 3 times a week..

Current progress is 8/8N 6/8HC 1/8M

Bnet(Moe#2516) Deadsol: Frost DK iL 368

Bnet (Stango#2404) Deathsol: Rogue iL 375

Note Suitable raiding timings will be around 8:00pm Server time
Hey Deathsol , We are looking for a rogue or 2 , i`ve added you to bnet
Still looking ! Disc/holy priest now needed.
Mythic MoThEr down and there's still room for more!

Give us a poke : )
bumpity bump~
Looking for a home my guilds died. 8/8 hc and 375, got a few other 370+ charas if you're not after a rogue.
We always welcome new members! Feel free to whisper me in-game or add me on bnet: Xanndros#2751

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