Rare character names

I just checked most of my character's names on the armoury and apparently I have tons of names of which there are only 30 or less in the EU.
My rarest names were:
Primly, 4 times
Torahaval, 7 times
Sweetcreek, 9 times
Exigency, 5 times
Summerpetal, 5 times
Boisterous, 12 times of which two are mine
Shalmanat, 8 times
Peles, 4 times
Finarra, 6 times
Saeng, 9 times
Cartheron, 7 times
Enesdia, 12 times

Nice thread :)

Edit: I checked names on my second account as well :)
I have two nicks who never had use in wow... this one and Itzalazken (means Last Shadow in euskera)
<---- only one
"Death" is probably my rarest.
I was once patting my back for how creative I was with Moothilda, and when I searched armory I could only find mine...

But but, when thinking I believe that the other Moothildas before me just were deleted before I found them... Because a cowpun name isn't really that creative :'D

I have discovered that when I think I am creative and make rare name, I really don't, they exist before I thought it up.
28/10/2018 00:54Posted by Fizzyjizzum

This persons name made me spit hot chocolate over my keyboard (now I have a sticky keyboard and apparently the mental age of 12.....).

I cant remember how to check for names anymore but last time I looked there was only 2 of us. Then I found out I was also a Chinese font type and felt much less special. :(
Rabies the Magnificent, Worgen Hunter at your service, Obviously the best name out there
My name is pretty damn unique. It's got Muffin in it and we all know Muffins are the bestest.
Me me me!

Nobody else has it. Probably for good reason I don’t like it lol but not changing it due to her being from 05.

(It’s pronounced j’aide)
This is the only one on EU apparently :P
My made up names are unique: Dazzlebelle (goblin), Vixienne (Goblin) and Alahnea (blood elf).

Of the characters with real names the rarest are Aedelric, 10, Ekene, 10, Aellius, 9, Rhearn, 9, Bernardyn, 3, and Aygun, 3.
i just wanted a bimbo-ish name and this is what i came up with
Get to T3 and build that tauren totem. I'm a very serious name.
Smart op getting some nice names for new characters, well played :)

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