A/H- Hunter/Pally LF place to call home/progress

Greetings all,

I've been playing this game on and off since TBC. I took about a year off from September 2017 to the launch of BFA. Since then I played a lot when the game launched however, not being playing much lately.

The reason for this is simple, I've been pugging everything, playing alone in an MMO as big and diverse as this sucks. I'm not after anything hardcore as I consider myself a casual player just looking to have fun and enjoy the game.

So this brings us here and now. I'm looking for a guild to enjoy the game with and push content. I am willing to move to any server and faction change if needed. I have this hunter and my pally https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/defias-brotherhood/Echohavoc

I'm 27 and from the U.K I have a full time job and commitments most weekends, therefore most of my activity will be though out the week after work. I will occasionally play at weekends but can promise to attend raids etc.

Now if you've taken the time to read this far I commend you (sorry this is a bit long). The final thing I'd like to say is I am genuinely interested in finding a guild to suit my needs, therefore, if you copy and paste a guild recruitment page and don't take the time to actually read this, I will just ignore you.

My battle tag is Eskib0y#21957 add me if you want to chat more :)
Hello! Welcome back to the game!

GEMs is a small but busy-ish guild. Community is at the heart of what we are all about. We have members of all ages, experience and irl commitments. We have a fairly busy discord plus do regular social no pressure raid events. The guild does other events as such as scavengers hunts etc!

If you think this sounds like a place you could call home you can either /w a member in game (although day time is our quietest time) or if you wanted to check us out a bit more here is out discord. Come and have a chat :) https://discord.gg/EHbWT9M
Hey there Darkshanks i am the guild leader to the guild <The Demons within> We a are a fun chilled raiding guild with a social side! We are welcoming all socials to our guild from all walks of life so in regards to your only being online at certain times, Thats all fine with us!
We have an active guild and discord chat and always aim to help each other out ^^
I have added u on b.net so we can have a chat!

Happy gaming :D

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