[A] Guild and Community Group.

Freezing Moon formed as a mix of Guild members and a Community towards the end of September/Early October and are currently at <Heroic 7/8>. the heart of the guild is based in Argent Dawn. We are pushing towards heroic completion, and will soon follow into mythic progression.

Looking for motivated players.

The raid team is currently recruiting
DPS (Range preferred but not necessary)

About us
We are recruiting players for the guild who are committed and have the driving force to push forward to Mythic after we pop heroic G'huun.

We also have a Community made for those who only want to do heroic raiding.

We currently hold our Heroic raids on Mondays 19:30 and Fridays 19:00 server time (subject to change Fridays to start at 19:30 as well).

While raiding is the main focus, we also have players who run Mythic + between raid dates.

What we need from you
Discord (this is the main hub for the community)
The drive to push forward
Good jokes ( we may also accepts memes if still at their use by date)

If you are interested add me on Bnet Snowpaw#21754 or leave a reply here and myself or another member will get back to you.

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