Since It''s Free, What About Gold Trading?

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Question from a retail noob (as in noob about how retail works) can you hoard the tokens in you inventory or are they consumed the moment you buy them?

If it's the former, I might start up retail and farm some gold in preparation of classic :)
06/11/2018 19:14Posted by Cai
and where did i exacly disagree with you ? Just wondering, for what it's worth, i agree that people can with or without token, farm gold in classic to trade it to other game, i just pointed out that it never was my point that you "can't do that" without token.

Yeah, I wasn't clear on that. I disagreed on the "there is a desire" part and saw it more as a "there is a (hidden) option", but that's just semantics I guess.
You do have a point that there will be even more incentive to get gold together as it's could be somewhat tied to gametime.
I don't think it will be that big deal as there is a lot of stuff to spend gold on in classic to actually improve your character.
I haven't been playing retail except some on and off playing, and I'm not sure if gold is even still meaningful in the retail game (except for the tokens obviously)?

If people actually started doing this it would be funny to see those exchange rates jumping like crazy. How would one decide how "valuable" classic gold is. But I rather not have that discussion :p
07/11/2018 11:24Posted by Rechoque
I don't think it will be that big deal as there is a lot of stuff to spend gold on in classic to actually improve your character.

me neither, i just hate people ignoring the effect live version token not only might, but has for classic, for whatever that effect is big or not ? i have no idea....

not only ignoring, but saying it doesn't even exist, plain ignorance....

how many times have you seen posts like this:
"Why do you care if subscriptions are shared or not ?!?!? it literally has no effect on classic gameplay whatsoever"

and tokens are not even the only effect shared subscription has for classic, it also create unstable influx in realm populations depending on the state of live version, making population of classic unstable when people are free to jump between games without any commitment.
It is not free at all. It is going to cost me 13eur/month that I wouldn´t spend otherwise if there was no classic server.
06/11/2018 07:42Posted by Sfaxths
Pure speculation, we don't know for certain that this is the case. It would have been nice if it was clarified in the Classic panel, but we'll have to wait until release, at least, to find out.

It IS confirmed that we will get a shared subscription.
If you use your WoW token to extend your playtime by 30 days, this will of course grant you access to the BfA AND the Classic servers for these 30 days.
And don't forget that you can convert the 30 days of the token into real money that is deposited on your account.
Even IF they would bring separate subs, you could just use your deposit to pay for your Classic sub.
My former guild master bought BfA for himself and his wife with gold.

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