7th Legion Marine transmog

Hey there,

I was looking for some cool looking Transmog for my Nightelf Warrior. And I was looking at some of the NPC's and liked the 7th Legion Marine outfit in Boralus.

Only I can't find the set, is this one just not available?
Beneath a link to the actual NPC

I mostly like the helmet and shield, the tabard looks like it's thesame 7th legion tabard we can get.

And while talking about tabards, will the Wrynns Vanguard tabard be available again? It would suite better than this Storm Wake tabard on this mage.

Thanks for the help.
That armor is mostly the Mail 7th Legion set, so your warrior cannot get it.
As for the shield, that is gained in the Draenor Garrison from the Dwarven Bunker.
Ah ok thanks. That's a pity. Well the shield could be done :)

I hope someone can answer my question regarding Wrynns Vanguard.
I don't think they've said anything about when or if Wrynn's Vanguard reputation and tabard will become obtainable again. Since the reputation was made unobtainable with the removal of Ashran, I'd expect it to return if Ashran were ever to be re-implemented somehow.

It could also be that we get some kind of Wrynn's Vanguard rep token when WoD timewalking is implemented in patch 8.1.5, but that's only speculation, and I wouldn't expect it.

However, keep in mind that transmog is becoming unrestricted by reputation in the next patch. If you have already obtained Wrynn's Vanguard tabard on another one of your characters, you'll soon be able to transmogrify it on other characters even if they don't have the required rep.

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