[H][Kazzak] <Potential> 7/8m late night raiding

Burning Legion
[H][Kazzak] <Potential> is a late night raiding guild located on Kazzak that achieves cutting edge each tier. Our current progression is currently 7/8M. Our raid times are 22-01 ST on Wednesday, Thursday and Monday, with an optional raid for running easier content on Sunday.
We are currently recruiting exceptional players to farm and progress in Uldir and onward into the next raid in BFA.

Our core team is formed out of people who have reached cutting edge in all raids in Legion, and bring good understanding of their classes, knowledge of the encounters, and motivation to raid at a high level on a short 9 hour schedule.
To progress as fast as possible we expect people to turn up to raids promptly and ready to kill bosses.

We want to foster an environment that is enjoyable to be a part of, whilst giving people the opportunities to improve in WoW and make friends online. Several members play other games as well such as Overwatch and League of Legends.

In order to raid with us, we require you to have a working microphone so you can communicate with the rest of the raid.

To apply please visit our forums at https://potential.shivtr.com/
To get in touch with us about joining the guild, please contact one of our officers: Hana#21710 (recruitment/healing) or Percy#2598 (GM), Jme#2422

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