bye wow

cba writing anything constructive as I've done it before and at some point you just realize it's all pointless and this amazing company that is in control of the game don't care (especially when it's on the EU forums), but I'm still gonna write whatever reasons come to my mind on the spot because it's trendy to attention seek when you're qutting this dumb game:

ability pruning -
I don't think anyone goes into a fantasy MMORPG to role play their character as someone that has amnesia and forgets the most basic of abilities after an expansion ends with no explanation

scaling -
when you get gear you should be able to feel it your character should become strong instead what you get is fighting a boar that you should be killing just by looking at it for 1 hour at any given point, it just makes no sense and completely ruins items' existence as a whole especially in PvP they've made it so that you can fight someone higher lvls than you now and your abilities deal % dmg or whatever so gear feels like it doesn't exist at this point people even cheese it by using green items because their scaling is on top of everything - bad
again the same thing you want to spend a month or two gearing to your character's full potential so that you can destroy people who haven't spend as much time as you into the game and not get killed by some guy that just boosted a few hours ago because gear doesn't mean anything and skill is completely gone because of all the pruning done to almost all classes

story -
ending of legion has to be the worst writing I've ever seen in the warcraft universe, you build up a character as some ultimate villain for so many years (Sargeras) and then have him appear in a single 2 minute cinematic for a few seconds to stab like a few pixels of Azeroth and potentially get soloed by some dude we beat at lvl 70 - 999 years ago, just absolutely disgusting honestly
people whined about WoD having bad writing, but that's wrong because it can't have bad writing as everything that happened on Draenor doesn't really matter aside from Gul'dan and the dumb Archimonde, compare some alternate universe that doesn't matter to completely ruining something that's been one of the main plots in the game for so many years (The Burning Legion) they made them look so !@#$ing weak it's sad (and no I'm not saying that because this character is a Warlock, it's just the truth)

no options -
I %^-*ing loved the Infernal/Abyssal model pre-Legion and even though BOTH are still in the game there is not a glyph to use those models instead of the new ones

there isn't an option to use the old bladestorm animation, or soon the current Avenging Wrath animation (which is 103513095103513 times better than the shiny garbage they're putting in the next patch) is it seriously that hard to add options for people? a 1 and a 0 !@#$ing 2 lines of code for a glyph to let people play the game the way they want to? it's like the stupid UI change or removing blizzard made pet timer from a spec that's supposedly all about summoning pets??? it's like they expect for people to fix their stupid game with addons and that's what everyone is doing I sincerely hope soon people stop updating their addons

Alpha/Betas -
completely ruins the idea that something new is coming and removes any excitement about new patches/expansions - by the time it comes everything is on youtube you have fully fleshed out guides on bosses and DBM telling you every single thing that's going to happen thorough a fight, everything but mythic atm is basically glorified LFR

pvp gearing -
terrible I'm sure everyone is aware of the problems with it yet blizzard are going 2 expansions in a row already with terrible systems

pvp talents -
completely retarded they removed Death From Above for rogues as a talent and put it as a PvP talent that nobody is gonna ever use and if you liked using that ability? well tough luck they don't care it's probably gonna get pruned entirely next expansion or something
people should have access to all those abilities at any given time (obv some need to be tuned down for PvE)

mythic+ - at this point raiding will be rendered pointless and a waste of time because everyone is doing m+ it's the same way mobile games have taken over the market because they don't require as much time and dedication (like mythic+) so anyone has access to them and nobody feels left out, m+ is a great idea, but it rewarding as good gear as raids is just a terrible design - m+ should either be made to reward just dumb cosmetic rewards after each season for top players or whatever or just decrease the ilvl that drop from it at least until a high +(number) that only a very small % of the playerbase can do

tier sets - do i really need to say more? so obviously just cutting some money from the game because they cba making sets for each class anymore so they want to have to make only 4 of them each raid tier - just another step closer to removing raids as a whole I guess

idk what else I'm almost asleep but before my sub runs out I wanted to get something out there as final words to this amazing community

sad that I won't be able to edit the post with the other 99999 things that would flood my mind as things that are wrong with the game, but oh well

it's completely pointless anyways
>Looks at guild name

Good riddance

Don't let the door hit your !@#$ on the way out

Edit: Forgot to say, See you tomorrow! :)
cya man/lady/person/thing :) my sub runs out tomorrow as well :).

wow seems to be one of those things these days where its not just one reason for leaving ... its a slow build up of multiple different reasons big and small ...

honestly i feel it's the small reason the ones which are personal to just you as a player, they are the ones which cut the deepest as you know nothing will ever be done to address them especially if it goes against the popular opinion, we all know blizzard seems to be a company recently which caters to the masses over the individuals, cant really blame them for it either.. the problem that leaves them with .. is it will eventually leave them with just one demographic of player and not necessarily the best one either .. but maybe they know the people they are trying to aim for .. i dunno maybe they know those people are more likely to spend money on pointless transactions who knows ....

all the best ;)
The same things have been said billions of times over and over didn’t even read as I can assume what you said. I can still remember the outrage on the forums at the beginning of Legion about legendaries, !@#$ty pvp templates, AP grind and unable to play offspec, time gated very hard suramar etc. Then it turned out to be one of the best expansion for many people. not to be like “iT wiLl gEt bEtTeR neXt pAtCh bRo” but it’s really early to make a final decision about the xpac.
Blood elves got this ridiculous picture. Your one eyebrow looks like an ear.
Like you're a crack stuffed bunny :D
Can I have your stuff?
“Cba to write anything constructive but...” followed by one of the biggest wall of text quit posts i’ve ever seen, lol.

See you in a month

Sorry forgot to ask, can I have your stuff?

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