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Greetings everyone!

I started WoW at end of BC/early Wotlk, paladin had a littlebit of everything so it appealed to me nicely.

I've been slowly getting back to wow even if i missed alot of Legion and late WoD.
But it's coming back to me quite nicely. (Some rust is still being shrugged off)

Mostly I've played H/prot pala trough expansions, (mostly hpala in raids from WotLK to early WoD) in Bfa i've been playing retri and prot, wich i currently got around 370 ilvl with 365'ish prot. (Hpala is up there aswell, just out of practise ^^)
So I got fairly good class knowledge. (imo)
8/8N, 5/8HC uldir so far

Also in (slow) process of leveling my alts wlock & hunter to 120. (Because leveling is so tedious, but i wanted to be able to do RDPS)

I usually pull my own weight (when not derping too hard) and i learn fast, but i'm not that much of an elitist excluding my personal performance. :x

Most important thing for me is atmosphere and the people, not the quick progress.
A guild to call home so to speak.

Due rotating shifts at work & other rl stuff i can't raid as much as I've used to, but i'd be available for raids -Atleast- for weekends, mon-friday raiding depend on time and that weeks work shift.

Ofc i also do M+'s (and help/boost guildies with them), Farm transmogs and some mounts and the other normal stuff all throughout the week.

Realm transfer isn't a problem either! ^^

Bnet: Jukki#2888
Discord: Jukki#1896
Please drop me a line!

Our guild might be a good fit for you.
Returning players grouping up in a fresh guild to kill some bosses twice a week and having fun while doing it.
Still building our roster and need healers and DPS.

If you want to have a chat, you can reach me @ Lesil#2682
Hello Skylìghter!

We've got a tank spot available if you'd like to give us a try!

<Rising Sun> is a newly set up guild on Magtheridon that is looking to progress while keeping the social aspect of joining a guild alive. Founded by 3 close friends who have been playing on and off since Vanilla, <Rising Sun> is aiming to clear the entire content the game has to offer and have massive fun while doing so.

Right now, we are recruiting members to fill out core raiding spots. Once we set up our raid ream, we will start raiding normal and heroic. Mythic raids will start either late 8.0 or early 8.1 depending on our team composition.

Our raid days are Tuesdays and Thursdays 20.00-23.00 Server time.

To apply, please visit our website at and fill out our application form.

If you have any questions please add JezzFueg0#2869

The Lost Sunstriders would be happy to have you!
We are looking for fun people to join our ranks. We are at the same progression as you, and want to keep going from there.
Come join our fun crew!

Add me on WoW to have a chat!

We have use for an Offtank, dps and perhaps an healer. So Your work schedule is no problem for us!

Cya on WoW!
Added discord and bnet for easier contact
Hey mate,

"Press F to Pay Respec" is an alliance raiding guild, based on Ravencrest-EU.

We are formed largely of long-time wow raiders who had played together for years. All of us have extensive end-game experience in previous expansions, but we decided to take it more casually with BFA.

We are currently in need of a healer and a few DPS to expand our raid team to push consistently onto Mythic (you could fill either of those spots). We are pushing Mythrax and G'huun HC this week and will have them down by next Wednesday.

Our raid times are Wednesday and Monday 7:30pm-10:30pm, with a 70% attendance rate requirement.

Apart from that, our Officer team makes sure to keep +10/11/12 keys rolling around every week so that everyone in the guild, including alts, has the possibility of doing end-game content every week. We also run alt raids in normal and heroic, and have other guild activities like our bi-weekly "transmog challenge"!

We are all very active, and you will find a friendly and social community - please be open to banter!

If you are interested, add Kokuy#2306 on Battle Net!

Thanks for any eventual consideration! In any case, I hope you find the right guild for you :)

- Mikdagger

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