Guild "Infection" on Twisting Nether Recruiting

Twisting Nether
Hi we are a newly started guild our experience is 8/8H 1/8M looking for direct damage classes especially ranged , also looking for a resto shaman/druid/disc priest for our new raid set up.

We raid weds/thurs/sun 19.30-22.30 server time.

If you are new to the game thats all good, if you are willing to listen and learn you are totaly welcome :)

All you need to join our guild is to be a nice person, patient, willing to learn and be part of a nice team, we will be only raiding Heroic when thats down and we have enough we will go mythic if we have a stable team.

Our aim is recruiting for next teir.

But most of all everyone is welcome :)

My Bnet is Bonsey007#2642

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