Druid Combat

I'm playing for the first time a Druid and also want to start healing. So I decided to roll a Resto Druid. I first leveled allot in Moonkin form where combat was okay. But I wanted to also heal. So I looked up my retotation and best talents and lost through this my moonkin form. Now I'm left with fewer attack abilities for questing. Am I doing somehting wrong cause I want to properly heal but also have a good questing experience cause the combat is really limited now. Cat and bear form dont over any strong abilities or am I doing something wrong?
İf you want to finish wq faster you ahould spec balance for them. Resto for dg and raid. World quest content with resto takes time. We have 3 attack spells in resto , thats it.
Yeah for WQ, just swap specs. maybe disc priest can do WQ ok, but I imagine, for most healers, swapping specs is best.
Thanks for the info! I will try those!

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