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Twisting Nether
[H] <Wish> is now recruiting for further progress. (8/8N 7/8 Hc)
We are friendly, helpful and social. We go alot of M+ during the week and have alot of fun on discord, BUT at raidtimes (Wed and Sun 19-22.30 ST) we are focused, prepared (food,flasks,pots, enchants etc), quiet and we listen to the raidleader.
We are looking for members 18+ (mostly ranged dps atm) , who would like to be a member of this wonderful and crazy bunch of people.
Pm me in game (Kathii-Twisting-Nether) or just /w If you want to know more about us :)
Hello Im a Guardian druid looking for a guild i was playing on Alliance side on Legion, and decided to move to horde for Sylvanas and some of my friends.. Unfortunately there was an arguement and the guild that i was invited to play with em disbanded! So im playing solo till now, Im looking for some raiding - PvP battlegrounds and M+ keystones.
My character on the alliance side was Kariola-Silvermoon.
Thx u all! :D :D
Hey! :) Atm we are full on tanks, but If you want to change and gear up a new mainspec you are welcome to join us. I'll be online tonight, but I am sure there will be another officer online earlier if you want an invite :D

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