Dawn of Ashes (Alliance/Frostmane)

Hello all,

like the title states we are looking for more players to get a nice 10 to 15man raid team together with focus on just Normal and Heroic raiding.
Outside of that, the current team has also fun with Mythic+ runs.
Our problem is that most of the time we can get 6 to 8 players together once a week, with 5 players being active all the time.
So far we have progressed to 6/8 Normal and 3/8 Heroic Uldir.
While this might not sound very impressive to some, we are actually having a lot of fun during raids. We are some decent players, with a dedicated raid leader and would like to fill this gap, which prevents us from progressing any further and sometimes end up looking for players from the tool for a long time to keep get going. Mostly once we are at a progress boss we usually wait to fill in people that leave right after a wipe. Then wait again for ppl to get on discord that just joined us and this repeats, while having 2 or 3 pulls per hour when trying to learn.
Other than that, when it is like a night where all 8 of us are online, we mostly oneshot everything.
Our philosophy is non-elitist (not punishing mistakes, but let people learn), as we just wanna get Heroic done and then also have time for a private life and the rest that still is online here and there is actively doing M+ runs, level some alts. In general we are having great fun.
If you think that your interests can align to this, you are welcome to give it a try in our guild. Moreso, personal friends/alts ect are all allowed and we are also having a community made for the guild where people can bring in their friends from other servers.
For questions, reply to this post or add Raz0rX#2336 for further infos.

We would be happy to see you on board :)


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