That's why wow is dying

BFA Dungeons, Island Expeditions, Raids
I used to be addicted to this game since TBC but what REALLY ruined it is the fact you are drastically dumbing down literally everything from expansion to expansion, And with BFA you did it to that level it doesnt give any adrenaline anymore.
1) You slowed down combat soo much that it really makes me scream inside while im FORCED to use that prunned rotation for all day long, literally most of classes are MAX 4 buttons spam machines and it's soo damn boring and extinguishing to know that for most classes ONLY gear and your stats matters, cuz don't try to tell me your 3 skill rotation that is not really ANY possible to !@#$ up is actually skill based, just no. IM LITERALLY DISGUSTED TO TRY CLASS OTHER THAN AFFLI WARLOCK in bfa. Soo instead of trying to fight as well as you can on special encounters you just care to get your rng piece of gear soo you actually can push more dps cuz your skill doesn't mean a %^-*.
2) RAIDS AND DUNGEONS- well in bfa whenever you have to do something on enounter you get big pointer above your head or your screen is fully red, you literally have to be retarded to be able to die on bosses. Very noob friendly yes but what are the consequences? You literally don't have to think on fights anymore, you just need to do your role - it means spamin 12312312312312312312312 to do your rotation properly for 5 minutes long fight :), before bfa it was stressing if you didn't know tactics cuz you could !@#$ up back then and stress= adrenaline. If you knew tactics you had to use your brain as well, cuz you didn't have a whole screen fulfiled with red colour or something.
3) You took away Life Quality systems. with WOD which we all hate, you made this game informing us that we are in broken world all the time. Like , you dont have to have pickaxe or skinning knife with you anymore, you get some minecraft system to dig stones and everything around with your hands. Invisible walls started being an very visible thing in this game, devs stopped giving a %^-* about bugs etc etc.
4) You removed PVP rewards from this game. NO giving pvp players worse PVE armor cuz of worse stats is NOT ANY REWARD. You removed pvp vendors which were such an good system for soo many years and when it completely failed in legion you decided to not give a singe fuk about it in bfa. before we used to have both PVP and PVE activity, soo you had more to do in the game.
here is much more to say but anyway i remember HOW WE ALL used to cry before BFA to not release bfa with class design as it is now, to not prune more, to add skills, to not dumb down , to reimagine asserite, TO FIX PVP , BLAHBLAHBLAH , ALL you did is ignoring us and now you can't believe your game is dying. Blizz you sabotage your own game.

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