Sargers in AU Draenor

I'm still confused about how this whole alternate universe thing is supposed to work. We stopped Sargers in our timeline, but doesn't that mean that in alternate Draenor he is still out there and still trying to destroy alternate Azeroth?
The Burning Legion is always the same Burning Legion, no matter the universe. There could be a billion timelines, all taking place at different points in time, but they all use the same Burning Legion. It is the one constant, unchanging thing between all universes due to the timeless nature of the Twisting Nether. The Archimonde that died at Hellfire Citadel is our Archimonde, the Archimonde that died during the Third War.

... It's a pile of absolute nonsense and the moment we got this information was the moment I realised that Blizzard has just given up on the AU full stop.

Also, there's no alternate Azeroth. Alternate Draenor is literally the only part of that alternate universe that exists.
alternate timelines do not exist in reality. There is main universe and everything else are echoes. Kairoz used shard to materialize AU, but it's fading away now
Taxania and Edgyjojomeme (that's got to be the best name in the history of names, maybe ever) explained it very well.

There is only one Burning Legion because it hails from the Twisting Nether which transcends all realities... But it is important to remember than ours is the only REAL reality!

There is no alternate Azeroth. No alternate Argus.

AU Draenor was some sort of an anomaly, created by Kairoz. It "shouldn't" exist. And if AU Draenei tried to take wing again and head for the stars they would probably... Bumb into some sort of a wall... There is only Draenor there, nothing else.

Think of the Warcraft timelines like this. Our reality is a tree. Sometimes, single small branches star sprouting from the main bough (which is our, the only real, reality) but in time they wither and fall off while the bough keeps living. Those branches are those alternate realities. They are small, random and temporary. They are not "real" timelines. Just anomalies.

Try not to read too much into alternate timelines' stuff ; )

You might bump into a lot of confusing things.
Ahh ok I get it now. I thought it was just a form of timetravel but it’s not really.

Thanks all for clearing it up ;)
Don't think too much about it. Blizzard clearly didn't.

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