Arms, Looking for help

I have been playing arms for a bout 3 weeks and am looking to improve but really am not sure were am going wrong could a seasoned veteran of arms help me out :)

Thanks in advice I know I CAN improve am just not sure WERE i can do better..
Helm and chest have the right traits, you should be using Lord of War and Heed my call on your shoulders.

Swapping avatar for in for the kill should also be a dps increase, I personall prefer bounding stride rather than defensive stance for raiding but there are advantages to both.

you should use the gale force striking weapon enchant as well as it is a slight dps increase over quick navigation

your rotation should be skullspliter if you are below 60 rage > Warbreaker > Execute if you have a sudden death proc > Mortal strike > Bladestorm during warbreaker > Overpower > Slam

when the boss drops below 35% health your rotation becomes Skullsplitter if you are below 60 rage > Warbreaker > Bladestorm when under 30 rage > Overpower > Execute

hope this helps
Just gonna chime in and say that Gale Force Striking is only better for single target, use quick or deadly for versatility in terms of m+ and cleave fights.

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